How to Sell Products on Shopclues

Selling on shopclues is the simplest way to sell your products online.
Step 01 :

First you have to register yourself as a seller on shopclues.

  • Your name
  • Your Company name (Shopclues store name)
  • Your Email Id
  • Set password for your shopclues account
  • Mobile Number
  • Then click on Submit
Step 02 :

After Successfully seller registration you need to login your shopclues account from this link

Step 03 :

After login your account you can add your products on Shopclues store.

There are three different options to upload your products.

1 . 1-by-1 Upload : 1-by-1 upload of product is recommended if you are uploaded less than 50 products in your online store at Shopclues. If you chose to upload your products with 1-by-1 upload options, please follow these instructions.
2 . Bulk Upload: Recommended for more than 50 products (upload with an .CSV file)

1-by-1 Upload :
  •  Categories: While creating/ adding a new product, we need to assign a category to the product, so that it shows in the dedicated/ allocated category. The product should also show in the correct hierarchy for product, in the catalog.
  •  MRP: This is the MRP of the product, which can be same but in most cases higher than selling price. Please note that your store will be suspended if you arterially inflate MRP of a product.
  • Selling Price: It is the end price at which the customer would buy the product. This is lower than the MRP and should be proved by merchant in the data sheet.
  •  Full Description: The description is very important part for products, its talks about the products and describes it. Wherever we create any product, we need to take care of description and make sure that it should describe the product well.
  • Status: Status should be active if you want to live your product.
  • Merchant Ref: Merchant Reference number is a unique number for identification the product (for merchant use) and will help you to identify the product to dispatch when there is an order for product.
  • MFG Reg: This is a manufacturer’s reference code generally used for technical products
  • Committed Quantity: Here you will enter how much quantity you are committing for your store at You can change this quantity as many times as you want but if the quantity is more than zero, means your product can be bought by a customer and you will be responsible of delivering it.
  • Merchant: Your Merchant marketing Name should be added here. (By Default it will add Merchant Name here (Right now not visible to Merchant.)
  • Image: You have to upload at least 1 image.

1. Bulk Upload: Bulk Upload of product is recommended if you are uploading more than 50 products. This process requires that you download .CSV file called “Product Feed Templates”and feed all the basic but necessary information on products, save the file and then email it to with your store name in subject line.
Step 04 :

After download the template please follow these instructions:-

  • Enter your Merchant Identification Number (MID) in the space provided without this information, your sheet would not be uploaded.
  • Click on ‘Select Category’ and choose desired category
  • Click on ‘Add Sheet’ to generate the corresponding content sheet for the category.
  • Fill information for all the products that you want to upload in that category.
  • Go back to ‘Main’ Worksheet and select your sheet under the ‘Active Sheets’ from the left-most column. Press ‘Create Product Upload Sheet’ and ‘Create Image Upload Sheet’ to generate Shopclues’ system acceptable CSV files. Give the CSV files some name and save them in your computer for future references.
  • Upload your product CSV file on ‘Create Batches’ (Catalog/ New Product Upload / Create Batches) page on your Store Manager. OR You can mail your CSV files to from your ShopClues registered Email-ID.

Select your sheet under the ‘Active Sheets’ from the left-most column. Press ‘Delete Sheet’ to delete the generated sheet from the tool.